About Media Concord

Founded in 2007, Media Concord is a family owned and operated multimedia design agency in Concord, North Carolina. We started as a small graphic design agency that offered basic design services, but today Media Concord offers over 30 different services, and the number grows frequently. Media Concord's staff is dedicated and determined to make your experience with our company a memorable one. With our staff's combined backgrounds of design, project managment and budget awareness, all that is left to do is have fun.

Our purpose at Media Concord is to create a one-stop experience for our clients. We want to create a place where all answers can be answered, where all actions can be performed, and where all worries are set aside for another time. We are proud that our team includes some of the most creative and fun people in the industry.
Meet the Team
Randy Corl  CEO & Account Director

Randy has been in the media business since 1987. Through over 25 years of experience, he has been presented with many different challenges and opportunities that have made him a strong competitor in this industry. Never shying away from challenging endeavors and striving to push the envelope through technological changes give him the leading edge in the multimedia business.

Phone: 704.425.3160
Email: randy@mediaconcord.com
Cindy Corl   Creative Project Manager & Designer

Cindy is the backbone of the Media Concord team. She handles project management and project development. She has worked in the multimedia industry for over 15 years and has knowledge in printing, design, and photography. Her creative vision, organization and ability to effectively communicate with clients make her an vital part of Media Concord.

Phone: 704.492.2759
Email: cindy@mediaconcord.com
Walker Corl   Creative Director & Designer

Walker is the graphic and web designer of the bunch. He has a degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Central Piedmont. Walker has 5 years of graphic design experience and 2 years of experience in the buisness. His unique work and attention to detail make him an amazing asset to the Media Concord team.

Phone: 704.305.6898
Email: walker@mediaconcord.com
Our Services - What we do

Media Concord's purpose is to offer creative, beautiful, and affordable design work. We understand that design trends are constantly changing. Therefore, we always try to further our knowledge so we know that the designs we create for you are up to date and are relvent to your target audience.

With so many different types of media, we pride ourselves on all of the services that Media Concord offers. Take a look below at a few of the things we do.
Graphic Design
We make clean and trendy designs that fit your needs.

• logo design
• branding
• stationary
• photo retouching
• print advertising
• poster & flyer design
• book cover design
• direct mailers
• promotional items
• many more...
Web Design
We design affordable, unique websites for any purpose.

• website design
• web developement
• html
• css
• content management systems
• website advertising
• interactive advertising
• banner advertising
• email marketing
• many more…
We take eye-catching pictures for any and everything.

• weddings
• engagements
• seniors
• sports
• infants & children
• commercial photography
• modeling photography
• photo manipulation
• photo retouching
• many more…
Video & Film
We film and/or edit all of your video production needs.

• athletic player reels
• promotional videos
• wedding filming & editing
• website advertising
• many more…
Audio Mixing
We help create the perfect sound to suit your needs.

• voice recording
• radio spots
• demo musical recording
• instrumental mixing
• many more…
We make your brand or company accessible on-the-go.

• mobile websites
• mobile icon design
• mobile application design
• mobile application analytics

• many more…

Social Media
We help you reach consumers through popular social apps.

• facebook
• twitter
• youtube
• social media plugins
• many more…

We offer printing services for all of your production needs.

• printing consulting
• banners
• brochures
• stationary
• many more…
We will do our best to help answer all of your questions.

• promtional consulting
• branding consulting
• sound tech consulting
• website management
• many more…
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