FACS Athletic Promo Photoshoot
March 20, 2012 // posted by Walker Corl
First Assembly Christian School is one of the biggest private schools in Cabarrus County. Not only do students who attend FACS exceed academically, but they also exceed athletically.

In an effort to create "hype" about the upcoming football and basketball seasons for the First Assembly Eagles, Media Concord shot an action and graphics photoshoot with some of the Eagles' players. The idea was to create posters, billboards, programs and e-blasts that could be sent out to fans with information on upcoming games and events. We had a lot of fun on this photoshoot and the players all were great. The outcome of this project was very successful and effective, and we recieved a lot of positive feedback.

It was one of the most fun photo shoots that we have ever been apart of. We couldn't have done it without the help and equiptment of our friend and partner Tyler, so thanks to Tyler Neal and Neal Photography (http://nealphoto.net/) for helping Media Concord out on this amazing photo shoot and project.

"It's Time To Soar" - Campaign

Every year the First Assembly Christian Highschool's principal selects a theme for the school year which is somehow incorporated to fit in all of school functions, class studies, and the chaple devotions as motivation for students, and also the students walk with God. The theme of 2010-2011 school year was "Time to Soar", so we wanted to integrate that theme within our imagery and creative.

Below are a few of the images that we took, using the theme "Time to Soar," that we transformed into game and scheduling poster for multiple sports.

Schedule "BBALL Poster (1)"

Schedule "BBALL Poster (2)"

Schedule "FOOTBALL Poster (1)"

Schedule "FOOTBALL Poster (2)"

Thanks to all of our "models/athletes/students"- Jacob Shell, Easton Sprabary, Codi Miller-McIntyre, Andrew Lopane, Zac Cantadore, and Brandon Fields.