cfa Intune Presents "A Christmas Carol"
May 23, 2011 // posted by Walker Corl
For the past 5 years, cfa Intune Productions has acquired a huge reputation in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas as a "top of the line" performing arts company. They have held many successful kids' summer theater camps, developed a musical arts school, and created several community outreach programs, not to mention produced a number of incredible in-house productions.

More recently, cfa Intune preformed a community Christmas production, "A Christmas Carol: The Musical," based on the novel by Charles Dickens and adapted for stage by Deborah Fleischman. The production was performed for three nights and all nights were completely sold out- I guess you could say the play was a huge success!

We are so happy here at Media Concord that we got to be a part of this amazing company and this amazing production. Media Concord was contacted by cfa Intune to get the word out about the production of "A Christmas Carol." We created posters, billboards, tickets, and even a website for the occasion ( I think the best part about this entire project was that we had the opportunity to bring the characters to life though our photography. The photoshoot that we did for the production was so much fun. As everyone knows, one of the most prominent characters from Charles Dickens and in English liturature is the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge, so it was easy for us to figure out who our subject matter was going to be. Our idea was to snap a dramatic picture of Scrooge for our materials and we feel that our final image came out great. Take a look for yourself...

We got a lot of compliments about it as well as a lot of questions about the development. We have been asked several times, "How did you guys do that?!". We decided to make a short video showing the step-by-step process of how we did what we did. Take a look below!

We want to give a big thanks the director and producer of the production, Jerry Skaggs, and also his wife, Randi Skaggs, for makeup and costume design. And of course, we can't forget our gorgeous supermodel, Joe Phillips. Thanks for everything!

Here are a few more pictures for our photoshoot!